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Sept 16,2010 Café 422 (Niles) - One of my all time favorite places to go.it just keeps getting better. I have had beef kebobs, lamb kebobs, and chicken kebobs. OMG. They are terrific. The rice the serve with it is terrific. The bread is terrific. The prices are terrific. The atmosphere is terrific. The service is terrific. This place is another local home-run. My only regret is that I don't live closer because I could probably eat there every night. Gave it 4 meatballs before.and it keeps its 4 meatball rating.
Mark M. Youngstown Eats
Updated - 3/12/2010 Its now 2010 and no matter what you do , you can't please everyone, but who ever we speak to at 422, everyone is very happy and satisfied with the place, the people, the food, still I have not had a bad meal there, which is why I keep going back, I know exactly what Im getting, excellent service, food and atmosphere, no one beats their hot peppers and bread, Keep up this wonderful service sherryl s. Winter garden, FL

9/23/2009 Wow, I'm the first, good, because this has to be one of my very very favourite down to earth places, there is NOTHING like the bread anywhere in America, and I am the true Bread queen, let alone the hot peppers, if the place was for sale I would consider buying it, whats so amazing is that this place also has a history and my husband's grandparents used to go there, so everything is good, i have not ever had a bad meal there, the staff are amazing, the owners are true gentlemen, they will never just ask you to leave , even if you're the last ones there,more people should take some tips from them and the way the staff is treated, the entire working environment is a pleasure to see.